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Because of loving you October 10, 2009

Posted by williamhegel in my sonnet.
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By: Aris mitedede

This heart beeps twice harder and faster than I thought

I can’t imagine how this feeling swaps me so sorrow

It comes when your face comes so fast and grabs hard like a crow

Sadness and happiness are mixed together, nicely and wonder I who brought?

I am being trapped by your crouches, in the middle of your crouches I fought

I ought not to bow for your mercies, thou I have been caught

Half day is all I need to mock you, “you are so selfish!”

You always tell me that this Is the best way for love

Instead of telling the truth, hiding the pearl inside of your back!

A pearl that is given from the heaven through the first kiss;

Lying up above your body, when the light was off.

Loving you like counting stars above, and I’ll be waiting till you back.