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What makes you forget? October 10, 2009

Posted by williamhegel in manusia dan sekitarnya.

Sometimes the writer forgets to remind or to remember about something, probably the writer forgets about his daily schedule for having meeting, or for his appointment his client. And these are caused by a word called “forget”. Have you?

Do you know what make this happen? Through many case studies, the scientific has found that there are some empirical that can be said as the cause of forgetting. the first is It is called “repression”1. It comes from the unpleasant events or good events. And most of us can remember some bad events; and the funny thing is nobody knows why some negative events are repressed and others are not?.

The second reason that can be said as the cause of our forgetting is other information. What the writer means in here is similar information, the similar may interfere with what we are trying to remind or to remember while we are speaking or thinking. And this also can answer what is the reason of forgetting and frustrations of cramming (distortion of thought). We often trouble ourselves in saying names and events incorrectly.

And the third reason is because we often do not find the right cues. What the writer means “cue” here is any word or name that can be referred to one’s experience or the location of his or her experience takes place (lets say: Kenjeren Park). Certain smells also can be referred too as the “Cue” such as the smell of incense makes one to remind the Church. Moreover, our emotional state can release a cue. Although we may find difficult way to recall it when we are in a different/ emotional state.

These are some reasons that can be concluded as the causes of forgetting. And for the writer himself believes that these three reasons play mostly in our daily life.

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